2019 Farm Stops:

  • Adam’s Berry Farm

  • Boundbrook Farm / Vermont Rice

  • Ferrisburgh Fire Station

  • Ferrisburgh Hollow Water Stop

  • Fuller Mountain Farm

  • Nea Tocht Dairy Farm

  • Pelkey's Blueberries / Charlotte Village Winery

  • Philo Ridge Farm

 2019 Farms and Food Producers and Vendors:

  • Boundbrook Farm/ Vermont Rice

    • Vermont Coffee Company

  • Fuller Mountain Farm

    • Vermont Vinegars

  • Ferrisburgh Hollow Milk and Cookie Stop

    • Vermont Cookie Love

    • Monument Farms

  • Adam’s Berry Farm

    • Dakin Farm

  • Philo Ridge Farm

    • Vermont Tortilla Company

    • Unity Farm

  • Charlotte Village Winery/Pelkey’s Blueberries

    • Shelburne Farms

    • Aqua Vitae

  • Ferrisburgh Fire Station/Evolution Kitchen

    • Vermont Pure CBD

    • Nitty Gritty Grains

    • Woodman Hill Orchard

    • Porky’s BBQ and Smokehouse

  • Nea Tocht Dairy Farm

    • Ben & Jerry’s

    • Buck Mountain Maple

Samples of Vermont Soap available at registration.

2019 Route

This year’s main ride 30 miles long and we are also offering a shorter, more kid friendly ride that’s about 10 miles long. The terrain includes small hills with some short, steep rises. Mountain bikes or road bikes with wide tires are strongly recommended due to loose gravel. Participants will be sharing the road with cars. While we recommend the Tour for children over 14 years old, children under 14 should be experienced road riders and must be accompanied by an adult as we are sharing the roads with vehicles. A map of the final route will be provided at registration on September 21. Please arrive for registration on September 21 between 8:30 - 9:30 AM for the 30-mile route and 10:00-10:30 AM for the 10 mile route.

Download the GPS files – (includes all courses) – DOWNLOAD

30 Mile Route: View map, print cue sheet, download GPS files from Strava

10 Mile Route: View map, print cue sheet, download GPS files from Strava

Additionally, here is the final 2019 map with farm stops and times.

Strava membership is required, but it's free for basic services.


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