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Agricola Farm Butchering 101

  • Agricola Farm 2674 Jersey Street, Panton, VT 05491 United States (map)

We are now offering a variety of classes on the farm.
Our current lineup includes learning skills in sausage making, roasts, and butchering 101.

This is your basic course on butchering pork. We will go through a carcass analysis and learn to recognize the different types of fat and complete a quality analysis of both fat and lean. Along with information about basic biology of the muscles and how this translates into flavor and texture, we will discuss cooking tips for the different types of cuts and will learn how to turn half a carcass into an endless list of memorable meals. This course will have very little hands on opportunity, but if you are interested in learning actually how to butcher you can purchase a half pig and ask Ale to butcher it with you. She can come to your house or you can come to the farm and she will show you how to break down the meat that can feed your family for the year.
This course costs $40.

Visit our website for tickets and information.